Mercyless – Pathetic Divinity (Review)

MercylessMercyless are a French death metal band and this is their sixth album.

This is a band that have been around for quite some time at this point, and you’d better believe they know a thing or two about their killing art.

Last year’s split with Crusher was a solid example of their riff-led, ferocious style, and acted as somewhat of a taster for this new album.

This is 34 minutes of blasphemous death metal, savagely old-school yet with a production and delivery that’s suitably huge and modern in scope and performance.

Here is the sound of a band with lots of experience, taking their knowledge of the old-school and infusing it with an awareness that many years have passed since the dawn of the style and it’s 2016. The result is an album that’s timeless, direct, brutal and thoroughly on-point.

The band clearly know how to write a good riff, and Pathetic Divinity is chock-full of them. There’s also a delicious amount of leads and solos peppered around the tracks, each one complementing the heavy rhythm guitars and providing additional colour to the band’s delivery.

With well-written songs, tasty fat riffs and blasting brutality, the band have produced a thoroughly satisfying collection of death metal gems that really hit the spot.

Ideally, this should be in every death metal fan’s collection.

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