Hryre – From Mortality to Infinity (Review)

HryreHyrye play atmospheric black metal and come from the UK. This is their debut album.

Featuring harsh black metal that’s born out of the early atmospheric style, it also has some progressive and folk influences that it welcomes into its wind-swept embrace.

Over 66 minutes the band paint dark pictures through extremity and textured atmospheric enhancements. From Mortality to Infinity hearkens back to early Emperor in spirit, and fans of their classic take on the style will find a lot to enjoy in Hryre.

With the kind of production that allows the band free rein to do their thing, but without sounding overly polished or pristine, the band manage to capture the right mood with the recording that fits the songs well.

There’s a lot to like on this release, with one such thing being the blackened melodies that the band employ. They seem to have quite a knack for producing tasty guitar riffs that blur past in a bustle of speed and malice.

Obviously this isn’t all about the speed though, with enough softer, lighter, slower atmospheric parts to create an album that firmly stays away from one-dimensional delivery.

Hryre’s moody grim creations offer a lot of different shades of black on From Mortality to Infinity, and although it’s a long album it’s one that never feels forced or contrived. Instead, it naturally expands to fill the space allotted to it, breathing dark air into exotic soundscapes.

I should quickly mention the vocals – bleak blackened screams punctuated by the occasionally deathly growl and spoken word section, with clean vocals appearing rarely. They’re well-performed and the band have a talented singer for this kind of thing. I don’t even mind the spoken word parts that much, which is quite good from my perspective, as I have an inherent dislike of almost all spoken word, (and there’s not a huge amount of it on here anyway).

Hryre do well to take the listener on a journey throughout this release, and I like that no matter how atmospheric and epic they get, there’s a firm underground rawness that sticks with them. Hryre have bite.

Give this a priority listen.


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