Deus Vermin – Monument to Decay (Review)

Deus VerminDeus Vermin are a blackened death metal band and this is their debut EP.

Featuring a member of atmospheric black metallers Hryre, Monument to Decay is a far more brutal and ugly proposition than that very enjoyable project. Different it may be, but equally compelling in its own rotten, foul way.

Blackened death metal, when done right, is a terrifyingly effective mode of musical destruction. Laced with the inherent brutality and aggression of death metal and etched with black metal’s grim darkness and corrupted veneer, Monument to Decay effectively takes elements from both genres and uses them to forge a collection of tracks that are brutally effective and atmospherically nightmarish.

Deus Vermin seem to be highly effective at crafting whirling maelstroms of chaos and mayhem, injected with dark atmosphere and decayed song structures. There are some impressive riffs on this release. Covered in a blackened patina they may be, but that doesn’t stop them from standing out notably as one of the music’s many strengths.

Vocally we also get the best of both worlds, with the guttural growls and acidic screams tearing out from the music like lethally convergent predators; each style has its own niche, and each is ready to hunt, kill, and feast. Be scared.

Painting an unhealthy, brutalised picture in the listener’s mauled brain of harrowingly bleak soundscapes rocked with barbaric incursions from daemonic entities, this is the kind of extreme music that I hungrily devour whenever I can. Monument to Decay is highly promising, and wickedly enjoyable. Here’s a band with a horribly bright future ahead of them.

The digital version of this EP also features a 24-minute live set. Unexpectedly, the sound quality is actually rather decent, and it’s good to hear Deus Vermin’s material in a live context. Definitely worth listening to.

A first rate release from a first rate band. Make sure you check out Monument to Decay.

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