Krylithsic – Beast of the Northern Hemisphere (Review)

KrylithsicThis is the latest EP from Krylithsic, a death metal band from Germany.

Krylithsic play fast and brutal death metal that unrelentingly pounds at your skin, looking to draw blood. The band also know their way around their instruments though, injecting technical aspects into the songs too.

This release is comprised of six tracks, but only three actual songs, for a total running time of 15 minutes or so. As calling cards go, it’s in-your-face and heavy-as-Hell. The songs are well-written and the correct balance of straight-forward brutality and complex chaotic delivery is successfully achieved.

With a strong sound, Krylithsic mix elements of bands like Defeated Sanity and Suffocation into their style, stirring their influences together and fusing them with a touch of Dying Fetus, (but only a little bit).

The singer’s ferocious deathgrowls are dark and pitch-black evil. His voice is on fine form and I like that the band are confident enough to not use him constantly and let the music breathe when it needs to, despite how good a death metal vocalist he obviously is.

This is a short but enjoyably nasty EP. Definitely give this one a listen.

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