Throneum – Morbid Death Tales (Review)

ThroneumThis is the seventh album from Throneum, a Polish death metal band.

This is ugly, raw death metal, produced by a band that have amassed a huge back catalog. Although quantity does not necessarily equate to quality, at this stage Throneum have been doing this long enough to know their way around the crypt they inhabit.

These songs rattle, clatter and bang their way through the relatively short playing time, (33 minutes), with the finesse of shambling skeletons and the diseased gait of rabid zombies.

There’s an element of black metal’s corruption in Throneum’s savagery too; these tracks are morbidly grim and full of darkness, in a way that pure death metal usually just isn’t.

Morbid Death Tales creates a nightmarish landscape of broken corpses and bloodied torture. Their music is the perfect accompaniment to this massacre-torn vista, seemingly barely-held together by force of ugly will alone.

This is probably too underground, primitive and visceral a release for most death metal fans, (and is more likely to appeal to the underground black metal fanbase), but if you have the nerve then it’s one that’s worth checking out.

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