Vulvodynia – Psychosadistic Design (Review)

VolvodyniaThis is the second album from Vulvodynia, a death metal band from South Africa.

Vulvodynia specialise in a form of brutal death metal that features a large helping of slam, beatdowns and deathcore/whatever – basically it’s brutal, bouncy and smashes the Hell out of everything around it.

This is heavy and groovy, designed to fuel violence in mosh pits everywhere and strongly calculated to get your aching, bruised body moving even when you think it can’t move any more.

The songs are brutal ragers that miss no chance at throwing up massive chugging grooves or dropping ferocious slamming beatdowns. Although speed and blast beats are used, the emphasis is very much on a high-energy mid-paced assault a lot of the time.

With a strong, professional production, no instrument is left out in the cold and everything is maximised for complete killing capacity. Even the oft-neglected bass is well-balanced and makes a contribution to the carnage.

The vocals switch between deathgrowls, screams, pignoise, gurgles, barks and variations thereof. Guests also appear, adding to the barbarity of delivery.

It would be very easy for an album like this to fade in impact over time due to a one-dimensional approach, but Volvodynia are better than this; the songs on Psychosadistic Design are well-written and structured in such a way that amidst all of the slamming chaos and brutality, there are actual songs that manage to hook themselves into your brain and stay there, digging deeper.

Essentially, Vulvodynia have produced an album that’s not only utterly brutal, but is also extremely memorable and catchy.

Listen at full volume.

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