Existench/Deboned – Split (Review)

ExistenchThis is a split between two Canadian grindcore bands – Existench and Deboned.

First up we have Existench, with just under 7 minutes of intensity.

This is old-school grind that takes no prisoners and just wants to rampage. With punk intent and hardcore ferocity, Existench rage through these short songs with the assured confidence of a predator that knows its kill is near.

Energetic riffs and furious drums flare out all over the place, while unhinged vocals growl, scream and roar their way through the bloody-minded tracks. They’re simple and uncomplicated compared to a lot of modern grind, but that’s no bad thing, and these four tracks have a lot to offer during their short existence.

These are songs that have a real, authentic air to them, as if they have been recently unearthed from some long-lost grindcore vault. They’re short, brutal and remind me of the kind of stuff I was listening to when I first started getting into grind.

Fans of Napalm Death and Brutal Truth’s short, grinding output should lap this up.

DebonedNext up are Deboned, with just under 6 minutes of primal fury.

With a heavier sound and shorter songs, Deboned still have a whiff of the old-school about them and proceed to lash out with utter violence at anyone or anything that gets close.

The band have a hardcore/punk style to the vocals, with the singer unleashing tirades and diatribes over the fast, aggressive music. The band somehow find the time to slow down to a heavier groove on occasion too.

Deboned have produced an intense and enjoyable collection of tracks with their side of the split.

With two different-but-complimentary styles of grindcore, both performed and delivered to great satisfaction, this is a recommended release for grind fans.

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