Dimlight – The Lost Chapters (Review)

DimlightDimlight are a symphonic metal band from Greece and this is their third album.

Now this is quite interesting. Here we have a Gothic/symphonic metal band that have some death/black metal elements entwined into the tracks.

This is a modern, updated version of the old, so-called, beauty-and-the-beast vocal approach that twins angelic female cleans with guttural male growls. I always quite liked this approach when it was probably at the height of its popularity in the early 00s or whenever. Over time, however, it got a bit stale, with too many bands sounding too alike.

So, what’s different here, you might ask? Well, apart from the fact that there are markedly less bands playing this kind of thing these days, Dimlight are notable for their more death metal-inspired nature, making them a heavier and more metallic proposition overall, which is something I really like.

The orchestration on The Lost Chapters is really well-delivered and composed, making valuable contributions to the songs and empowering them with a sense of grandeur and majesty.

Both vocalists perform their roles well, with powerful cleans from the female singer and gruff, aggressive growls from the male vocalist. The two work together well, effectively sharing the vocal duties.

The songs are well-written and show a band comfortable and confident in what they do. Everything is professionally performed and the production quality is of a high level.

The Lost Chapters has been a really enjoyable listen. The band are very good at what they do and the heavier aspects of their sound help differentiate them from a lot of their would-be peers. Plus, the songs are good and easy to get on with.

This strikes me as a extremely likeable combination of Trail of Tears, Leaves’ Eyes, Atrocity, Tristania, etc., with the pomp and splendour of some of Nile‘s work.

Highly recommended.

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