Remote – Resilient (Review)

RemoteRemote are a French hardcore band and this is their second album.

You’ve gotta love dark, violent music that creates oppressive, negative atmospheres. Yes? Oh come on, of course you do.

Combing chaotic hardcore, crushing sludge, dark metal and inventive post-hardcore, Remote present us with 33 minutes of angst-ridden darkness that aims to cause damage.

Which it does. Whether it be with speed, aggression, atmosphere or intensity, Remote know what they’re doing, it seems, and Resilient has many ways to make the listener bleed.

For comparative purposes, the most obvious band would be Botch, although this is mixed in with elements of bands like Converge and Norma Jean. It also reminds me on occasion of lesser-known, quirkier acts like Association Area.

These tracks are short and nasty, but relatively varied despite this. The band sometimes favour the straight-in-for-the-kill approach, but usually attack from the sides using various different means, making use of atypical riffs, structuring and atmospheric devices to get at their target.

France does this kind of music exceptionally well, and it’s almost a surprise that Remote don’t find themselves as part of the Throatruiner Records stable, as I think the’d fit right in over there and they’re certainly good enough. Regardless, this is a very enjoyable and well-executed piece of lethality.

Check this out.

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