Mortillery – Shapeshifter (Review)

MortilleryMortillery are a thrash metal band from Canada. This is their third album.

Mortillery play old-school thrash metal, influenced by the Bay Area scene and with an aggressive hardcore undertone.

The singer swings between rabid shouting screams and powerful cleans, somewhere between that of Kreator and Death Angel. Her voice has quite an individual quality to it and she ably shows most wannabe retro-thrashers how it’s done.

The good thing, (one of the good things), about this is that it’s both honest and authentic. This isn’t some retro-thrash nonsense; it’s genuine thrash metal played in the old-school style with real passion and fire. You can tell they love what they do.

The songs are fast, sharp and full of catchiness and memorable hooks. Part of this is obviously down to the quite infectious vocals, but the music shouldn’t be discounted either. Quality riffs, solos and leads abound, and overall the level of songwriting on this release is up there with the best of the thrashers.

I predicted early on in the year that 2016 would be the year that thrash metal carved its way back into a larger role in my life, and Shapeshifter merely supports this.

A very recommended listen. Get ready to bang your head.

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