Interview with Mortillery

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Canadian thrashers Mortillery have unleashed a storming new album in Shapeshifter, providing the listener with 43 minutes of authentic thrash with real aggression. Guitarist Alex Gutierrez touched base with me to give a quick update on the their new album…

Introduce us to Mortillery!

Hey we are a Thrash Metal band from Edmonton Alberta Canada! We like heavy metal and beer!

What are your influences?

They differ per member but mostly: Toxic Holocaust, Détente, Judas Priest, and Broken Bones. Continue reading

Mortillery – Shapeshifter (Review)

MortilleryMortillery are a thrash metal band from Canada. This is their third album.

Mortillery play old-school thrash metal, influenced by the Bay Area scene and with an aggressive hardcore undertone.

The singer swings between rabid shouting screams and powerful cleans, somewhere between that of Kreator and Death Angel. Her voice has quite an individual quality to it and she ably Continue reading