Isacaarum – Whorecraft (Review)

IsacaarumThis is veteran Czech band Isacaarum’s seventh album of filthy Blackened Deathgrind.

Inhabiting the same degraded, run-down pay-by-the-hour hotel as The Meatfückers; Isacaarum are more at the Grind/Death end of the spectrum than the aforementioned band, but no less seedy and porn-obsessed for it.

The 9 songs that span this 30 minutes of depraved Metal never get stuck in a rut. In fact, for the genre this is a surprisingly varied release with even some melodic moments raising their rubber-clad heads at appropriate intervals.

The vocals alternate between higher and lower shrieks/grunts, (in a similar vein to, say, Exhumed), with the deep growls in particular being very well done.

A strong production with a heavy sound accentuates all of the questionable fluids that the band excrete and allows their songs to breathe and enjoy themselves while being mindful of the safety word at all times.

I have enjoyed this album immensely; the band have an ear for a good song and the album doesn’t get stale. This is the first time I’ve encountered Isacaarum and I’m very glad I have. I’ll be visiting them at their seedy hotel more often in the future.

The Meatfückers – Porn Again (Review)

The MeatfuckersMexican Black Metal band The Meatfückers have released their second album Porn Again and are ready to challenge all comers to a competition of sexual perversion!

This is primitive Black/Thrash, crudely recorded and brutally played. The sound is definitely Old-School, with an almost vinyl-like fuzz to it, (probably intentional), but if you like all things nasty and retro then this shouldn’t put you off.

The songs are caked in a firm grime of unidentifiable origin and they rip and thrash their way through nine of them in 27 minutes. Primitive it may be but there’s evidence that there’s more to this band than just Neanderthals throwing rocks at instruments – the odd riff here, a solo there – these guys actually do know what they’re doing. And what they’re doing is bringing the filth.

Favourite Track; Bitch Seeker. A solid Metal main riff and sexy solos make for a memorable song.

Unashamedly rude and crude; for when you’re in the mood for debauchery and lewdness wrapped in raw fighting man’s Metal – then look no further.