Ancient Hostility – Ancient Hostility (Review)

Ancient Hostility - Ancient HostilityAncient Hostility are a Ukrainian/US black metal band and this is their debut album.

This is, on the surface of things, a second wave black metal album, full of the sort of misanthropy and hatred that you’d expect for something like this. Scratch the surface, however, (and by this I mean actually listen to it), and you’ll also find a bit more than the norm here. Continue reading “Ancient Hostility – Ancient Hostility (Review)”

While They Sleep – La Nausee (Review)

While They SleepThis is the debut album from Ukrainian black metal one-man project While They Sleep.

This is primarily raw, old-school black metal that sits firmly in the grimmest underground layers of hidden worlds. Add a touch of the depressive and atmospheric styles into the mix too and you have 63 minutes of ominous, dark music.

Taking the unpolished second-wave style and Continue reading “While They Sleep – La Nausee (Review)”