Interview with Echoes of the Moon

Echoes of the Moon

Entropy is a bit of a monster of an album. Featuring 72 minutes of atmospheric Post-Black Metal that seems to take the listener on a journey, it’s a release that keeps getting better the more time you spend with it. I got in touch with the brains behind the music to get a bit of background information; music like this should not be overlooked, so if you’ve chanced upon this article at all, make sure you check out the album.

For those who are unfamiliar with your band – introduce yourself!

My name is Brock. I do all of the writing, recording, and producing for Echoes of the Moon. I am currently 21 and living in a small town in Indiana. Continue reading “Interview with Echoes of the Moon”

Echoes of the Moon – Entropy (Review)

Echoes of the MoonThis is the second album from this one-man US atmospheric Post-Black Metal band.

This has a rich, warm sound, making it clear very early on that Entropy is all about the emotive content and taking the listener on a journey.

High-pitched near-static screams are employed to provide a focal point for the colourful music. I favour this brand of ultra-shrieked screams for this kind of extremely atmospheric Black Metal, so was not disappointed to hear them when they first appeared. Deep growls also appear here and there; these are unexpected but work well alongside the mellifluous music.

These songs have a good grasp of mood and feeling, effortlessly played out across long tracks and glorious soundscapes. This can be essentially seen as one 72 minute piece of music broken up into smaller slices, but however you look at it it’s an extremely effective work.

Featuring elements of psychedelic, progressive and depressive Black Metal, this is very atmospheric and richly textured. Resplendent melodies, extended guitar solos and understated synths all enhance the flavour of the emotive riffs and Entropy is an album to be savoured and enjoyed in its entirety.

I’m very impressed by this, and it’s criminal that this will effectively get no real exposure other than a few lucky people that stumble upon it; it really is that good.