Defacement – Defacement (Review)

Defacement - DefacementDefacement are a blackened death metal band from the Netherlands and this is their second album.

Featuring members of Earth and Pillars and Cryptic Shift, Defacement contains 41 minutes of material, but only four of the eight tracks are actual songs. The remaining four are intro/interludes that I was expecting to dismiss as pointless as most of their ilk are, but I was Continue reading “Defacement – Defacement (Review)”

Earth and Pillars – Earth II (Review)

Earth and Pillars - Earth IIThis is the third album from Italian black metal band Earth and Pillars.

2016’s Pillars I consisted of four monolithic tracks that made a very good impression. A release full of dark delights, it was a memorable album that still holds itself very well three years later. Continue reading “Earth and Pillars – Earth II (Review)”

Earth and Pillars – Pillars I (Review)

Earth and PillarsThis is the second album from Italian black metal band Earth and Pillars.

It starts off softly, leaving you unprepared for what lies within…

This is atmospheric black metal with long songs and epic ambition.

Mixing repetitive atmospheric mood-pieces with suffocating Continue reading “Earth and Pillars – Pillars I (Review)”