Vhorthax – Nether Darkness (Review)

VhorthaxVhorthax are a Russian death/black metal band and this is their debut EP.

What foul incantations and rituals resulted in the birthing of this release, I wonder? This is old-school, atavistic black metal, shot through with equally moribund death metal influences. Continue reading

Cemetery Winds – Unholy Ascensions (Review)

Cemetery WindsThis is the debut album from Finnish one-man, (rounded out with some session members), death/black metal project Cemetery Winds.

This is a competent and engrossing mix of old-school death and black metal. This sits Continue reading

Ævangelist – Writhes in the Murk (Review)

ÆvangelistÆvangelist are from the US and this is their third album. They play Death/Black Metal, of sorts…

Following on from their horrifically terrifying second album Omen Ex Simulacra, Ævangelist waste no time with the first track Hosanna establishing and that this new album follows on from the first in a suitably Hellish and hideous manner.

As I stated about their previous album; Ævangelist are not for the weak of stomach. This is music that tests the limits of what the human mind can endure.

Writhes in the Murk is a suitable title for this collection of horrors as the songs seem wrapped in the murk and writhe as if alive.

Everything seems lower in the mix this time with the exception of the dark noises and sinister effects that blanket everything like a deathly fog. The growling vocals are almost unrecognisable from the ambient levels of darkened atmospherics, although they’re now joined by cleaner vocals as well more akin to Black than Death Metal.

There’s more of a Black Metal influence on this release in general. The atmospheres that Ævangelist create have always had more in common with Black than Death Metal, but this time the guitars, vocal experimentation and overall vibe seems Blacker than ever.

The riffs, when they raise their heads above the sea of nightmares, are sinuous and evil, recalling the dark practices of Axis of Perdition and Blut Aus Nord at their most sinister. The entire thing feels alive and squirming, like something is struggling to be born in the darkest reaches of a pitch-black pit of suffering and desolation.

The band don’t write songs, they create experiences of tormented soundscapes; environments of pure terror, dread and disgust seep out of the speakers as if made flesh.

Holy crap. This album is almost a full hour of punishing music but if feels almost ten times that; time seems to lose all meaning as the music pulls you into its dark, sickeningly warm embrace to lose yourself in the cloying smell of a million forgotten corpses condemned to suffer for all eternity…

This is not for the casual listener. However, if you think you have the fortitude then delve right in. Ævangelist have such sights to show you…