Aphonic Threnody – The Loneliest Walk (Review)

Aphonic Threnody - The Loneliest WalkAphonic Threnody are an international funeral doom band and this is their fifth album.

I like Aphonic Threnody a great deal, and really enjoyed last year’s The All Consuming Void, (also check out Of Loss and Grief and The Great Hatred). So, imagine my surprise when I saw that the band had a new album coming out so soon after the last one. Then, imagine my even further surprise when I found out that it was a monstrously huge double album! Continue reading “Aphonic Threnody – The Loneliest Walk (Review)”

Towards Atlantis Lights – When the Ashes Devoured the Sun (Review)

Towards Atlantis Lights - When the Ashes Devoured the SunTowards Atlantis Lights are an international atmospheric doom metal band. This is their second album.

Brought to us by members of Pantheist, Aphonic Threnody, Dea Marica, Arrant Saudade, and Void of Silence, this is the follow up to 2018’s Dust of Aeons, and contains 61 minutes of new material. Continue reading “Towards Atlantis Lights – When the Ashes Devoured the Sun (Review)”

Aphonic Threnody – Of Loss and Grief (Review)

Aphonic ThrenodyAphonic Threnody are a funeral doom band with an international lineup and this is their second album.

Featuring members of Arrant Saudade, Towards Atlantis Lights, and Dea Marica, and with guests from many other bands, including Alunah, Mournful Congregation, and My Shameful, before you even press play it seems apparent that there’s little chance of Of Loss and Grief falling flat on its face. And, when you do finally press play, you’re Continue reading “Aphonic Threnody – Of Loss and Grief (Review)”

Towards Atlantis Lights – Dust of Aeons (Review)

Towards Atlantis LightsTowards Atlantis Lights is an international project that plays atmospheric doom metal. This is their debut album.

Featuring members of Pantheist, Aphonic Threnody, Dea MaricaArrant Saudade, and Void of Silence, a lot of experience and expertise has clearly been poured into this album. Continue reading “Towards Atlantis Lights – Dust of Aeons (Review)”

Dea Marica – Curse of the Haunted (Review)

Dea MaricaThis is the second release from UK Doom merchants Dea Marica.

They play sorrow-filled down-beat Doom Metal with a maudlin pace and sombre melodies. If you use a band such as My Dying Bride as a starting point you’ll be in the right area stylistically, but Dea Marica don’t sound like cheap knock-offs as the melodies and structures of their songs are not the same.

Vocally they have extremely brutal growls that are deeper than the blackest pits of Hades, but they mainly use clean, almost operatic vocals that are impressively realised and contribute a lot to the depth of the songs.

The album sweeps you along in its emotional embrace and forces you to come face to face with all of those small, dark things you’ve been avoiding thinking about for years. The epic melodies and exquisite vocal harmonies rub shoulders with the guttural vocals and heavier riffs and the band switch between the two seamlessly; sometimes it’s a sudden change and sometimes it’s a gradual build up, but either way the general mood is retained and the song is a winner.

It should also be mentioned that this is also a very catchy album full of hooks to grab the listener, albeit in a down-tempo Doom Metal way. You’ll be wanting to play these epic songs again almost as soon as the last chord has faded.

This is a haunting, dark and memorable album. Highly recommended.