Church of Disgust – Weakest Is the Flesh (Review)

Church of Disgust - Weakest Is the FleshChurch of Disgust, (featuring a member of Necrofier), are a death metal band from the US and this is their third album.

It’s been quite a while since the one-two gut punch of 2014’s Unworldly Summoning and 2016’s Veneration of Filth, although it seems that the band did release an EP in 2020, and a couple of splits before that, all of which I sadly missed. Regardless, Weak Is the Flesh is now here to swamp us with 41 minutes of old-school death metal filth, and it knows that we like it. Continue reading “Church of Disgust – Weakest Is the Flesh (Review)”

Necrofier – Prophecies of Eternal Darkness (Review)

Necrofier - Prophecies of Eternal DarknessThis is the debut album from US black metal band Necrofier.

Necrofier feature members of Oceans of Slumber and Church of Disgust in their lineup, (and other bands), and Prophecies of Eternal Darkness provides a compelling slice of melodic black metal across 36 minutes that manages to merge professional delivery with underground fire. Continue reading “Necrofier – Prophecies of Eternal Darkness (Review)”

Church of Disgust – Veneration of Filth (Review)

Church of DisgustThis is the second album from Church of Disgust, a US death metal band.

I really enjoyed 2013’s Unworldly Summoning. Here was an album that was just over half an hour of filthy, old-school death metal that was so ugly, hostile and evil that it was a depraved joy to experience.

Three years later and they have finally emerged from their crypt. On Veneration of Filth the band do exactly what it says on the tin and offer up 40 minutes of corpse-fresh filthy death metal, reeking of the old-school and ripe with pustulent rot. Continue reading “Church of Disgust – Veneration of Filth (Review)”

Church of Disgust – Unworldly Summoning (Review)

Church of DisgustAfter a perfunctory intro we’re into the album proper. The first thing that strikes the listener is the powerful sound – thick, heavy guitars and drums that drop like a hammer. This band play filth-heavy Death Metal with an atmosphere and tone so covered in grime and dirt as to become one with it.

So adept at channelling all things Necro are they that most underground Black Metal bands would kill for this sound. Imagine a band like Anaal Nathrakh if The Codex Necro was diseased Death Metal instead of Black Metal.

Add to this some nice Incantation-isms; the odd dash of Obituary and Autopsy; a small sprinkling of Usurper; an injection of sludge; cover this all with a rotten layer of offal and leave to decay for 100 years and you have something close to what Church of Disgust resemble.

And the vocalist – what’s all that about? How did the band manage to convince a real demon to front the band? I mean, it’s not a human being right? I can only assume that the Unworldly Summoning was a success and something dark and evil that time forgot came slithering out of the dankest crypt to be held in thrall to Church of Disgust and do their bidding. Their bidding, of course, being to produce the sickest, most evil Death Metal noises heard for some time. I just hope they feed it regularly.

Unworldly Summoning is ugly, hostile and wants everything dead. In other words it is one of the best death metal releases heard in a while.

If you want the latest in clinical, state-of-the-art, precision-laser-produced Death Metal hot off the production line then this is not for you. If, however, you’re not scared of a bit of blood and muck on your Death Metal then there is nothing to not like here.