Church of Disgust – Veneration of Filth (Review)

Church of DisgustThis is the second album from Church of Disgust, a US death metal band.

I really enjoyed 2013’s Unworldly Summoning. Here was an album that was just over half an hour of filthy, old-school death metal that was so ugly, hostile and evil that it was a depraved joy to experience.

Three years later and they have finally emerged from their crypt. On Veneration of Filth the band do exactly what it says on the tin and offer up 40 minutes of corpse-fresh filthy death metal, reeking of the old-school and ripe with pustulent rot.

With vocals that sound as if they’re dripping with decaying flesh and bright, arterial blood, the singer vomits and spews his ugly grunts and screams atop the groovy attack of the music.

The songs have an old-school catchiness to them, the kind that a lot of traditional death metal bands in 2016 seem to be unable to reproduce with any real authenticity. This further backs up the old-school feeling that Veneration of Filth emanates, as it’s almost as if this was recorded and produced about 20-30 years ago.

There’s also a surprising amount of variety on here for this kind of thing; a few times the band caused me to raise my eyebrows at an interesting riff, or a particularly unexpected section or melody. Although very much in the classic style, they also take after a lot of the old-school masters in that they are more interested in strong songwriting and playing good mouldy tunes than anything else. For this, and many other aspects of their music, Church of Disgust are to be commended.

With Veneration of Filth Church of Disgust have made it more than apparent that Unworldy Summoning was not a fluke. Here is a band that clearly know what they’re doing with the style. Like their debut album I really enjoyed this.

For fans of traditional, old-school death metal Veneration of Filth is a marvellously rich feast of rotting entrails. If you don’t know why that’s obviously a good thing, then this is not the music for you.

Highly recommended.

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