Cursebinder – Drifting (Review)

Cursebinder - DriftingThis is the debut album from Polish post-black metal band Cursebinder.

Featuring the vocalist of Dormant Ordeal, (and also ex-Moanaa), Cursebinder play black metal that contains elements of doom, blackgaze, post-rock, and progressive metal.

Across 42 minutes Drifting paints vivid pictures with vicious aggression and potent atmospheric presence. Cursebinder’s modern black metal is sleek and sharp. Its various influences enrich the music’s depth, letting the well-crafted songs expand where they may, to deliver a portrait of textured blackened depth for the listener to absorb themselves in.

Throughout Drifting you can hear blackened strains of psychedelia, ethereal use of melody, crushing doom workouts, and expressive post-rock enhancements, to name just a few things you can find here. Above everything though sits the band’s predilection for atmosphere. Sometimes this is emphasised as the main feast, as Cursebinder pull out all of the stops and create a comprehensive mood-focused soundscape, while at others it is a mere side order as they unleash withering hostility on the listener.

The songs flow well, as does the album as a whole, providing an immersive journey to be embarked on by those with the motivation to explore these darkened lands. This environment is a detailed one, and travellers are advised to plan for multiple visits before fully appreciating Cursebinder’s world. There are many creative ideas on display across these eight tracks, and many sights to experience. There are plenty of hooks too; whether it’s a compelling keyboard part, an arresting riff, or a snarling vocal pattern, there’s a lot here to take in.

Intricate, warm, and rich in melody and atmosphere, Drifting is an enjoyable and engaging listen. This is sure to be a new undiscovered favourite for many a black metal fan.

Very highly recommended.


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