Unfelled – Pall of Endless Perdition (Review)

Unfelled - Pall of Endless PerditionThis is the debut album from Unfelled, an international black metal band.

Pall of Endless Perdition contains 36 minutes of black metal and is brought to us by current and ex-members of Woods of Desolation, Drudkh, Windswept, Ill Omen, and Temple Nightside.

These songs weave violent tales of blackened darkness across six songs, (there’s also a seventh, which is a short and peaceful instrumental). Aggression and intensity are tempered by the selective use of melody, making for furious slices of sharp, visceral black metal. Grim atmosphere is crafted also, sometimes to the extent that the music can feel triumphant or uplifting.

This album is raw and harsh, with a brutal edge that complements its barbaric heart. The songs are softened somewhat by their melodic components though. These are partially buried in the gritty distortion, yet still retain a colour and potency that fits the musical themes of war and bloodshed; the bulk of the music is ugly and violent, but the melodies focus on injecting a heroic or victorious feel. Sometimes though the melody is jettisoned, and what you’re left with is pure aural aggression and belligerence.

Pall of Endless Perdition is a solid album of merciless raw black metal. It’s abrasive and harsh, yet has enough depth to keep the listener focused as they traverse the musical battlefield.

A recommended listen for fans of hostile black metal.


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