Wretched Fate – Carnal Heresy (Review)

Wretched Fate - Carnal HeresyThis is the second album from Swedish death metal band Wretched Fate.

Carnal Heresy contains 40 minutes of prime death metal. It’s effortlessly enjoyable, yet lurking just under the skin is a wealth of flesh and bone that actually tastes even better than it looks.

Carnal Heresy delivers a sterling example of the ever-satisfying sound of classic Swedish death metal. At least, that’s the foundation of the music. Wretched Fate aren’t content to simply play this well-worn style though. No, they inject their muscular formula with furious passion, progressive flourishes, and creative sophistication. The end result is something that could have existed in the 90s for sure, but is also perfectly at home in 2023.

While the core of the material here is conventional and straightforward, Wretched Fate have a personality and individual style of their own. Carnal Heresy is surprisingly nuanced and multifaceted within its chosen framework, although this is not always instantly apparent. Multiple spins truly bring the songs and their layers to life, allowing the discerning listener to appreciate the songwriting and character that is buried within this maelstrom of carnage and brutality. A lot of work and skill has gone into crafting this album, and it’s definitely worth spending the time to explore and unpick.

So, what we essentially have here is old-school death metal with technical underpinnings, inventive riffs, eerie atmospheres, dark melodies, and a colossal presence. What more could you ask for? These are strong songs from a strong band. Carnal Heresy is here to destroy, so stand back and let it do its grisly work.

Very highly recommended.


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