Big | Brave – Nature Morte (Review)

Big Brave - Nature MorteBig | Brave are a doom/drone band from Canada and this is their sixth album.

I haven’t caught up with Big | Brave since 2017’s Ardor, so Nature Morte‘s alluring cover is good enough of a reason to catch up with what the band are doing once more.

Big | Brave mix together the heaviness of doom with the absorbing nature of drone. They take the texture of an engaging and expressive distorted soundscape and fashion from this the emotive weight of mountains. With just distortion, percussion, and chillingly feeling-drenched vocals, Big | Brave create a sonic tapestry of affecting drone immensity.

The music is dense, awash with feedback, and frequently crushingly heavy, yet within its relatively simple delivery lies a world of depth to explore. This is minimalist expression with big impact. Big | Brave combine their instruments and sounds into songs that are far greater than the sum of their parts. The songs are rich in atmospheric potency, albeit of a droning, sparse variety; nonetheless, these atmospheres are powerfully captivating right from the start, and it is clear that the band are pouring 100% of themselves into these six songs.

Pulsing with vital, vibrant life, and raging with anguished pain and plaintive desperation, Nature Morte is emotionally exhausting in the most cathartically satisfying of ways.

An intoxicating album that’s an essential listen for connoisseurs of acts such as Nadja, Khanate, Monarch, The Body, Lingua Ignota, Julie Christmas, etc. Nature Morte is a real treat for fans of idiosyncratic and characterful heavy music.


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