Frozen Dawn – The Decline of the Enlightened Gods (Review)

Frozen Dawn - The Decline of the Enlightened GodsThis is the third album, (or their fourth, if you include 2017’s covers album), from Frozen Dawn, a Spanish black metal band.

The Decline of the Enlightened Gods is the follow up to 2014’s Those of the Cursed Light, and contains 50 minutes of melodic black metal, (which includes a Necrophobic cover). Delivering a well-crafted and energetic example of the classic melodic black metal style, Frozen Dawn boast an ex-drummer of Avulsed in their ranks, as well as oodles of talent for their chosen style.

Frozen Dawn offer up fast and furious blackened aggression, played with skill and influenced by the likes of Dissection, Naglfar, and, of course, Necrophobic. Minor elements of death and thrash metal add to the music’s flavour, adding harsh bite to the melodic black metal intensity. It’s a highly colourful assault, with piercing leads and soaring melodies aplenty.

The songs are well-written and while awash with memorability, are not overdone on this regard, providing depth as well as instant-gratification. The album is just overflowing with dark energy. Epic and sharp, Frozen Dawn are uplifting and stirring while they cut your throat with razor sharp riffs.

When it comes right down to it, The Decline of the Enlightened Gods is just a damn fun album to listen to. It’s unusual to say that about a black metal release, but there we are. Frozen Dawn are hideously enjoyable, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Very highly recommended.


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