Soulburn – Noa’s D’ark (Review)

Soulburn - Noa's D'arkThis is the fourth album from Soulburn, a black metal band from the Netherlands.

Following up from 2016’s Earthless Pagan Spirit, (via an EP I hadn’t heard, but is actually included here as bonus tracks), Noa’s D’ark is 47 minutes of music with snarling attitude and infectious guitars.

Soulburn mix a healthy amount of doom metal with first and second wave influences to create their own blend of blackened metallic art. The music is well-written and is effortless to enjoy. Each of the songs works in its place on the album, and it flows well from one track to the next.

There’s something very satisfying about Soulburn’s music. The tracks on Noa’s D’ark rumble and thunder by with the sort of hefty riffs, blackened atmosphere, and first wave attention to songcraft that the minutes just fly by. Before you know it, you’re listening to the final dying assault of From Archaeon into Oblivion, and you know you just want to start all over again with the opening mournful guitars of The Morgue of Hope.

Noa’s D’ark is the type of release that’s a slow burner too; very enjoyable on first listen it may be, but over time it really keeps drawing me back. Soulburn have charisma and talent, a deadly combination. I liked this a lot; it has that special mysterious something that makes it stand out.

Very highly recommended.

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