Endorphins Lost – Night People (Review)

Endorphins Lost - Night PeopleEndorphins Lost are from the US and play grindcore. This is their third album.

I enjoyed Endorphins Lost’s 2018 split with Osk, and I enjoyed their 2019 album Seclusions. Their successful run continues, as now, I also enjoy Night People too. 14 tracks, 20 minutes; Night People is succinct and to the point, yet doesn’t lack in finesse or depth.

Night People offers a burning cocktail of grinding powerviolence and crusty hardcore. The short songs are tight and mean, delivering more variety than you might expect across their fleeting existences. The songs are well-written, with a sense of character and dynamic range that belies their brief lives. Energetic punk riffs exist alongside ruthless powerviolence and hardcore venom. Raging aggression is bountiful, but within this exist a surprising array of textures and flavours to absorb. Sludge elements appear here and there, quite naturally arising from the ebb and flow of the furious music.

Each of the tracks on this release has a merciless personality of its own. I like that Endorphins Lost are able to impart so much of themselves into such short spaces of time. The album blurs by in the blink of an eye due to this, and is more memorable and moreish than many ostensibly similar albums. Endorphins Lost know how to grind.

I thoroughly enjoyed Night People. It’s the sort of well-crafted, highly satisfying collection of hardcore violence and grinding aggression that I so adore when done right.

Very highly recommended.

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