Endorphins Lost – Seclusions (Review)

endorphins lost - seclusionsEndorphins Lost are from the US and play grindcore. This is their second album.

My first encounter with Endorphins Lost was on their split with Osk, and I enjoyed their brief, violent take on crust/hardcore-infused grind. Their songs on that split only lasted four minutes, so it’s great to be able to find out what the band can do with 21 minutes of material.

It turns out they can do quite a lot.

Fierce and destructive, these songs combine fiery speed with aggressive groove and dynamic songwriting. The latter two aspects in particular are notably well-delivered. I find that bands of this ilk tend to usually do speed better than anything else, but Endorphins Lost seem to be a well-rounded bunch and can turn their collective hands to any form of violent extremity.

The songs have a decent amount of variety for a band playing face-melting punk, and each of the tracks on Seclusions has its own character and personality. I always enjoy an album more when it’s easy to distinguish the songs from each other quite early on, and Endorphins Lost seem to be very capable in the songwriting department. It definitely sounds as if some thought has gone into not only the individual songs, but how they flow into each other across the album. It’s clear that the band are passionate about their music too, and this infects the songs with a jubilant sense of emphatic energy and focus.

The album is well-recorded and has a good sound. The band use this well to allow their music to move, which it does violently and with great exuberance.

Seclusions is an impressive and highly enjoyable hit of aggressive hardcore/grindcore, and is likely to be one of the stronger grind release I will have the pleasure of hearing this year, I imagine.

Very highly recommended.

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