Imha Tarikat – Hearts Unchained – At War with a Passionless World (Review)

Imha Tarikat - Hearts Unchained - At War with a Passionless WorldThis is the third album from German black metal band Imha Tarikat.

Imha Tarikat’s well-written contemporary black metal is satisfying and rewarding to listen to. It combines elements from the modern and classic styles into something all of its own. Elements of hard rock, heavy metal, and punk can occasionally be heard too here and there, informing the blackened violence in enriching ways. Cold and harsh, yet brimming with emotion and dark passion, Hearts Unchained – At War with a Passionless World is an involving and engaging modern black metal journey into the realms of a band who have a voice of their own.

Dripping with raw anger and aggression, this is a brutal interpretation of black metal that nonetheless contains a rich depth of content to be explored. This is not one-dimensional music and has been intelligently crafted by a band with an understanding of how to create a well-rounded piece of art. The ferocious music is textured by moments of beauty and light, and the overall result is a very engaging and compelling body of work.

Many of the guitars in particular are especially compelling; the guitarist has great skill in weaving tales and soundscapes with his instrument of choice. Whether this is a gripping blackened rhythm or a colourful soaring solo, he certainly knows what he is doing with the style. The drums deserve a special mention too, as these are creative, nuanced, and notable in their execution and delivery. The vocals are striking and non-standard. The singer’s voice sits somewhere between a roar, a bellow, and a shout, and is surprisingly charismatic and expressive. Whilst I’m sure he will be divisive to some, he fits the music perfectly.

Hearts Unchained – At War with a Passionless World is the sort of album that you don’t encounter very often. With a strong identity of its own, this is an easy record to recommend for fans of black metal that is laced with its own individuality, yet still has enough classic elements to remain familiar and enjoyable. Imha Tarikat have impressed.

Very highly recommended.

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