Shaam Larein – Sticka en Kniv I Världen (Review)

Shaam Larein - Sticka en Kniv I VärldenThis is the second album from Shaam Larein, a Swedish rock band.

Sticka en Kniv I Världen contains 39 minutes of idiosyncratic heavy rock. Mixing together elements of Gothic, doom, avant-garde, and post-punk, this offers a distinguished work for the listener to be mesmerised by.

The songs are charismatic dark articulations of musical expression. Melding the instant with the nuanced, the music creates absorbing atmosphere and provides a warm cloak of gloom to swathe the listener in. A shroud of mystery lines this cloak, wrapping esoteric immersion close and tight. Atop the expressive music sit the alluring vocals of the band’s talented singer. Her voice is rich and passionate, and her performance evocative and resonate.

Compelling melodies wind and swirl as if caught in a maelstrom of oblivion. The vocals are intoxicating, easily the focal point, yet somehow steal nothing from the rest of the music. The bass sounds alive as it slides and slithers through the passages, while the organic drumming is warm and enticing.

Sticka en Kniv I Världen is an album to explore and delve deep into late at night when the fires light your way. A textured journey into bewitching music that has a magnetic charm, Shaam Larein have crafted a very enjoyable experience.


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