Virtual Symmetry – Virtual Symmetry (Review)

Virtual Symmetry - Virtual SymmetryThis is the third album from Swiss/Italian progressive metal band Virtual Symmetry.

Virtual Symmetry play progressive metal, and on their self-titled new album they give us 63 minutes of professionally crafted material. Also, you’ve got to love it when a band opens their album with a 20-minute epic. Spoiler alert – it’s a very good track indeed.

Virtual Symmetry’s music is accomplished and well-written. It has cinematic scope, with a high definition feel, and epic atmospheres, with a charismatic personality. Elements of progressive metal old and new can be heard in the band’s sound, and the overall presentation is of a slick modern band playing a classic style in a contemporary manner. Although frequently colourful and sharp, I like that Virtual Symmetry have a darker side to their music that’s compelling.

They keyboards are a strong feature of the album and augment the music in a multitude of ways. Sometimes their contribution is subtle and low-key, whereas at others they’re in your face, bright and powerful. Sometimes they swamp the music with emotive highlights, whereas at others they deliver classical style and grace. All of the musicianship is exemplary though, not just the keyboards. Virtual Symmetry can really play, and the guitars shred with the best of them. The band remember the metal side of the progressive metal equation too, and there are many strong riffs here. Importantly, the singer has a very good voice that he uses well. Benefiting from both power and range, he gives a good vocal performance throughout.

Virtual Symmetry is an enjoyable album that should find favour with fans of bands such as Queensrÿche, Pagan’s Mind, Dream Theater, and Threshold. With a solid set of songs and a high entertainment value, this is an album that’s highly recommended for fans of the style.


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