Threshold – Dividing Lines (Review)

Threshold - Dividing LinesThis is the twelfth album from UK progressive metallers Threshold.

Threshold always put out a good album, (check out 2014’s For the Journey and 2017’s Legends of the Shire for a couple of examples), so who could resist it when the 65 minutes of new material on Dividing Lines appeared? Not I.

Dividing Lines is an exquisitely crafted progressive metal album. Sophisticated and professionally realised, while not lacking in real emotive weight, this album sees Threshold on top form. These songs carry the trademark Threshold sound that’s instantly recognisable, while still staying remarkably fresh and vibrant. When you hear this music, it could be no other band, but that doesn’t mean it’s business as usual, as each Threshold album is an adventure all unto itself.

Dividing Lines is a shade heavier and darker than some of the band’s material, yet is still rich in melody, texture, and atmosphere. Alongside this we get some of those stadium-huge choruses and catchy hooks that we like so much, while the more nuanced and subtle aspects of the music still retain their intimate impact.

Threshold’s new album is generally less wide-ranging than Legends of the Shrine, yet still boasts their considerable progressive prowess. In some respects it reaches back to their early 2000s albums for inspiration, without losing its contemporary sheen. Dividing Lines offers listeners a refined and expressive collection of tracks to explore that are as well-written as any the band have produced.

Divided Lines is a highly accomplished album from an exemplary band. Threshold remain at the pinnacle of the progressive metal world.

Essential listening.


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