Obsidious – Iconic (Review)

Obsidious - IconicThis is the debut album from international death metallers Obsidious.

Containing current and ex-members of bands such as Alkaloid and Obscura, Obsidious play a form of progressive/technical death metal that melts faces, but does so with an epic hook.

Across 53 minutes, Iconic reveals a technical assault that uses its considerable chops in the service of a song-based approach. They succeed in delivering music that is complex and intricate, yet also manages to be catchy and memorable. As well as the two bands above, the promo blurb also mentions acts like Ophidian I, Protest the Hero, and Origin, so this should give you some idea as to the quality of Iconic. I’ll also throw in Psycroptic, Between the Buried and Me, and Strapping Young Lad, for additional flavour.

The songs offer dizzying displays of technical prowess and progressive aggression. The music is shaped into a modern death metal framework that is peppered with unexpected atmospheric depth and colour, especially when the glorious clean singing soars out from the multifaceted music like rays of light. When he’s not singing the vocalist growls and screams with the best of them. His voice is diverse and very well-performed. Add in a few synths here and there, and you have a very strong package on display from Obsidious.

A death metal base Iconic may have, but it is not restricted to it by any means. The non-death metal side of progressive/technical metal is represented well, and much of the powerful groove and rhythmic heaviness wouldn’t be out of place on a modern metal album by the likes of Lamb of God or Gojira, for example, let alone some of their more technically-minded peers.

As well as the above qualities this sort of music exemplifies, there is also an epic and dramatic streak to Obsidious’ material. There’s a definite power metal influence in this respect, and it’s a side of the band that I really, really like.

Iconic is a really strong and charismatic release from Obsidious. It enjoyably brings together a few different worlds and influences into a technical metal package that hits a lot of highs.

Very highly recommended.

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