Hell Fire – Reckoning (Review)

Hell Fire - ReckoningThis is the fourth album from US metal band Hell Fire.

Hell Fire play a nostalgic mix of heavy and thrash metal, taking influence from the NWOBHM and the 80s Bay Area respectively. Reckoning is a 45-minute true metal ride.

As a simple description of Hell Fire’s music you can think of the rhythm guitars taking the lion’s share of the thrash influences, with the heavy metal mostly represented by the guitar leads and soaring vocals. The bass and drums then provide a rock-solid backbone for this. Of course, it’s not always as straightforward as I’m making it sound, and some songs emphasise one or the other style to a greater or lesser extent; Reckoning is actually pretty varied for something like this. It’s a decent starting point, regardless.

The classic style should be instantly familiar to any metal fan, and the mix of classic thrash and heavy metal is seamless and well-delivered. The music is so authentic it’s ridiculous; you can almost feel the decades falling away as you listen to these bundles of metallic joy. Despite this, there’s a modern energy there that’s undeniable.

The songs are well-written and the band clearly know and love their old-school metal metal. Full to the brim with storming riffs and potent melodies, Reckoning is a shot of energy from a passionate band who have crafted equally passionate songs.

The guitars shred, the leads duel, and the singer belts his heart out. The songs are vibrant riff-fests, and there are so many blistering solos and molten leads that you could get burned quite easily. Catchy choruses and smouldering hooks loom around every corner, and the album is as infectious as it is enjoyable.

It’s a strong package that Hell Fire have put together, and their new album delivers the goods. Reckoning is a gloriously fun record packed with of roaring tunes. Fans of classic thrash and heavy metal should flock to Hell Fire, because they are clearly the real deal.

Highly recommended.

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