Battering Ram – Second to None (Review)

Battering Ram - Second to NoneThis is the second album from Battering Ram, a Swedish hard rock/metal band.

Battering Ram play a combination of old-school hard rock and classic heavy metal that is then wrapped up in a modern delivery. Second to None is 36-minutes of raw fun and polished talent.

This album is all about songs, and the songs are all about hooks. Second to None is packed to the gills with them; Battering Ram sure do know how to write a good tune.

At the heart of the band sits a beating, healthy, old-school heart. This powers the music with vigorous potency, through anthemic choruses and catchy riffs. Battering Ram don’t just worship at the altar of classic rock and metal though, as modern elements are proudly on display too, firmly embedded in the music. Essentially the band have taken the strengths of the traditional styles, and infused them with a contemporary delivery and  professional production.

The end result is a thoroughly enjoyable collection of songs, with so many hooks and well-written anthems it’s just silly. It reminds me of what Doctor Smoke are doing with the style, only with a bit more of an old-school leaning in songwriting. Battering Ram have forged their own personality though, and Second to None is nothing less than an infectiously great listen.

If you’re in the market for traditional song-based rock music with a modern edge, then look no further than Second to None.

Very highly recommended.

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