Blue Heron – Black Blood of the Earth/A Sunken Place (Review)

Blue Heron - Black Blood of the Earth A Sunken PlaceBlue Heron are a heavy rock band from the US and this is their debut EP.

Two tracks, 12 minutes, no messing around.

Black Blood of the Earth is a nicely meaty track that combines a love of heavy rock with stoner and psychedelic influences. I like the alternating harsher vocals with clean ones. Both are performed well and fit the music to a tee. This is a well-written song that uses enough stoner tropes to be familiar, but not so many as to become stale. The band have a nice groove going throughout, and the mid-song jam section works well. Over the last two minutes of the song the music gradually winds down and fades away…

…before A Sunken Place starts us up again with a nicely warm and fuzzy riff. The song is a bit grumpier and fouler-tempered than its predecessor, but still retains its personality and charm.

Blue Heron remind me somewhat of a less heavy mix of Floodgate and Eyehategod, combined with some Orange Goblin and a desert rock band or four, which is no bad thing at all. In fact, both songs take me back to the 90s and in a lot of ways this release has quite a nostalgic sound for me.

Blue Heron are clearly enjoying themselves on this release, and I can’t say I blame them. There’s a lot of promise on this brief EP, and I look forward to hearing more from the band in the future.

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