Slowtorch – The Machine Has Failed (Review)

Slowtorch - The Machine Has FailedThis is the second album from Italian stoner rock band Slowtorch.

The Machine Has Failed contains 37 minutes of hard rocking stoner rock fun. Tailor-made for fans of bands like Clutch, Corrosion of Conformity, and Orange Goblin, the album has riffs, hooks, and good tunes aplenty.

Across ten songs Slowtorch ably demonstrate their songwriting skills to good effect. It’s a mix of stoner metal/rock and hard rock, taking influence from a few different eras of music, from 70s rock legends to the more modern stoner style.

The songs are well-written and hook-tastic. Each track is fun and enjoyable, easily holding the listener’s attention through good riffs and strong vocals, (not to mention quality drums and bass too, of course).

The vocals are well-performed, and although reminiscent of Clutch and Orange Goblin in their stoner rock delivery, I’m actually most reminded of the singer of Wool. The vocalist of Slowtorch has a similar voice and style, only a bit deeper.

The Machine Has Failed is a good example of how to write enjoyable stoner rock. Steering clear of the majority of tired stoner metal/rock tropes, Slowtorch just concentrate on their songcraft and rocking out. What’s not to like?

Highly recommended for fans of the style.

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