Introtyl – Adfectus (Review)

Introtyl - AdfectusIntrotyl are a Mexican death metal band and this is their second album.

Introtyl play pure, 90s-influenced old-school death metal, and do so with skill. The band deliver eight songs in 31 minutes, and don’t mess around. Think along the lines of Monstrosity, Deicide, and Suffocation, and you’ll be on the right lines. The songs are brutal and harsh, and are great examples of how to take influence from the past while applying it to the present with character and flair.

Introtyl take an impassioned joy in blending technicality and direct aggression into songs that crush and destroy. Full of attention-grabbing riffs and furious rhythms, these tracks instantly make a good impression. The drums pound relentlessly, through a range of paces, grounding the music in an organic brutality. The bass is especially notable for its unusual prominence and idiosyncratic edge that it adds to the songs.

All of the performances are strong, and the band benefit from a singer who can really growl; her voice is guttural and harsh, and she sounds like she wants to swallow your soul and grind it into pieces. This is then all tied together with the sort of good songwriting that keeps bringing you back for more. To top off the above, the album also boasts a powerful production that sounds like the band are clawing their way out of the speakers to strangle you.

Adfectus is a very satisfying and enjoyable slab of death metal. Introtyl clearly know how to write and deliver this sort of music, and Adfectus is one to keep returning to if you like having your head flattened. After all, who doesn’t?

Very highly recommended.

2 thoughts on “Introtyl – Adfectus (Review)”

  1. I’ve known these gals for around 14 years.
    Their evolution has been great and I love the fact that we are having an International Death Metal band that is so dedicated.

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