Vimur – Transcendental Violence (Review)

Vimur - Transcendental ViolenceThis is the third album from US black metal band Vimur.

Vimur’s music effortlessly merges vicious blackened hatred with sublime atmosphere. Raw violence and atmospheric cosmic explorations combine to form seven tracks that tear their way through the space-time continuum without a care for the consequences.

Transcendental Violence is a torrent of icy riffs that slice and dice with lethal intent and commanding presence. The singer’s scathing screams sound like liquid venom as they scar the music with their lethal caress. The drums are precise explosive eruptions, while the bass slithers around the music like it’s alive.

The band know how to write songs, and do so with skill and passion. The second wave influences are present and correct, but Vimur carve their own place in the blackened landscape by virtue of strong wills and stronger songcraft. Each track boasts high levels of quality and the band’s ability to throw out riff after riff is impressive. Add to this a strong use of underlying blackened melody and a sense of atmosphere and mood that perfectly complements and occasionally restrains the music’s aggressive aspects, and you have a collection of songs that really are something special.

I was looking forward to hearing this album and I have not been disappointed. This is black metal that cares just as much about songcraft as it does immersive atmosphere, and the results speak for themselves.

Very highly recommended.

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