Golgothan Remains – Adorned in Ruin (Review)

Golgothan Remains - Adorned in RuinThis is the second album from Australian death metallers Golgothan Remains.

I really enjoyed the ugly malevolence of Golgothan Remains’ 2018 debut Perverse Offerings to the Void. It’s now four years later, and Adorned in Ruin has finally come crashing into our lives. Has it been worth the wait?

The short answer is yes. For the longer answer, see below…

Once again combining brutality, atmosphere, and dissonance into grim songs that flay skin and sow chaos, Golgothan Remains spread fear and cruelty across 38 minutes of new material.

The music is dark and unyielding, and not for those uninitiated in the realms of sonic horror. Somehow Golgothan Remains have managed to take the screaming dissonance of bands like Ulcerate and Deathspell Omega and smash it together with the classic death metal muscle of bands like Incantation and Morbid Angel. This alone would be impressive, but when you also factor in the fact that they do this while carving their own way through the corrupted extreme metal landscape, then it’s downright frightening.

The songs are blackened destructive avatars of the End Times. The band’s apocalyptic sound is swamped in malignant auras and savage intensity. This is a group that are clearly pushing themselves to produce music that’s as twisted and as warped as possible, but that also has a core of (relatively) accessible extreme metal that allows the music to not lose focus or direction, no matter how unhinged or frenzied it wants to get.

Speaking of unhinged and frenzied, it would be remiss of me to not mention the vocals. These are primarily formed around deep cavernous growls and rabid screams, but in reality there is pretty much every style imaginable here at one point or another. An exaggeration, maybe, but the singer certainly doesn’t limit his performance to conventional paradigms all of the time.

Adorned in Ruin is a terrifying return for Golgothan Remains. Fleshing out the terrible strengths of their debut album and growing them to new disgusting proportions, Adorned in Ruin is a nightmare of darkness and crushing grimness that’s worth the scars to experience and explore.

Very highly recommended.

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