Bhleg – Fäghring (Review)

Bhleg - FäghringThis is the fourth album from Swedish black metallers Bhleg.

I always enjoy it when a new Bhleg release comes along, (Draumr Ást, Solarmegin, Ödhin), so Fäghring is well-received by yours truly.

Bhleg’s atmospheric brand of folk-enriched black metal spreads out over 54 minutes on their new album, and is some of the band’s most richly textured work to date. The folk and ambient elements are alive with a diversity of instruments and sounds, and you can tell that a lot of love and care has gone into the creation of this new release.

The primary black metal aspect of Bhleg is fiery, mood-focused, and melodic. The aggressive side of the music is effective in underpinning the core of the songs, while the atmospheric side is powerful and engaging. The band’s use of melody is strong and rewarding, easily encouraging the listener to delve deeper and deeper into the harshly beautiful world of Fäghring.

These songs are epic and well-crafted. They carry Bhleg’s most ambitious vision so far. The various moving parts of the songs come together with organic precision to produce music that is easy to fall for and to become absorbed by.

Grim blackened screams are the main delivery method of the singer, but they’re far from the only style used. Guest vocalists appear, adding to the diversity of delivery. Growls, roars, semi-cleans, and cleans are all included across the songs. The clean singing is very well-performed and especially full of emotion.

As I said at the start of this review, I always enjoy a Bhleg release, but I have to say that the quality and execution found on Fäghring is a step up for an already very good band. I’m pretty sure this is Bhleg’s best work, just as I’m also sure that you should definitely spend some time with it.

Very highly recommended.

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