Antimony – Ending (Review)

Antimony - EndingThis is the debut album from US one-man black metal act Antimony.

Antimony’s black metal is a combination of the progressive, atmospheric, and melodic styles. These are mixed together to produce lengthy songs that describe a journey into existential dread. The promo blurb states that it’s reminiscent of Moonsorrow, Mgła, and Drudkh, and this should give an appropriate starting reference for the style you’ll find on Ending.

The songs are well-constructed and develop well as they unfold into their running times. The music is very atmospheric and shows a good understanding of how to paint mood and feeling with a blackened palette.

A careful balance is struck for the majority of the record’s duration between melodic aggression and atmospheric depth, (usually favouring the latter). Of course, at other times the music goes even further down one or the other routes, and they’re not mutually exclusive either. The melodic potency of the music is notable, providing streaks of colour that enhance both the aggressive and atmospheric components of the songs.

The songs are well-played and delivered. The guitars are strong features of the music, as you would expect, but I particularly want to also note both the bass and drums. The former is substantial for its contribution to the songs, while the latter feel more organic and nuanced than you typically find on solo albums. The vocals are harsh screams that suit the music well. Occasional clean singing is also used, and this is effective when it appears. Everything is captured by a recording that’s raw, but not overly so; you can hear everything fine, and it enhances the album’s atmosphere.

Ending is an enjoyable and satisfying release. If you’re a fan of finding gems from the black metal underground, then this is quite a sizeable one.

Highly recommended.

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