Megalith Levitation – Void Psalms (Review)

Megalith Levitation - Void PsalmsThis is the second album from Russian doom/stoner metal band Megalith Levitation.

2019’s Acid Doom Rites was a colossal trip into long-form doom, and it made enough of an impact so now that Void Psalms has surfaced, I feel ready once more to dive into the band’s evocative and rich world.

Once again Megalith Levitation offer up four mystical visions, this time spread out over the reduced and more manageable running time of 53 minutes, (when compared to the 77 minutes of the band’s debut album).

The riff is once more king in these songs, with huge slabs of distortion riding through the music like waves. The droning heaviness is hypnotic, and it is easy to almost enter a trance-like state when listening to these songs. These riffs form the basis of the music and are complemented by solid drumming and bass playing. The songs also have the sort of vocals that seem to sail upon the music almost apart from them, yet intrinsically linked nonetheless.

The psychedelic journey that Megalith Levitation have crafted out of these ingredients is one worth taking, and I’d recommend Void Psalms to any explorer of the great doomed beyond.

Highly recommended.

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