Abstracter – Abominion (Review)

Abstracter - AbominionThis is the fourth album from US doom band Abstracter.

As follow up to 2108’s mighty slab of malefic horror that was Cinerous Incarnate, (and Wound Empire and Tomb of Feathers before it), Abominion is Abstracter’s latest assault on the light.

It’s time to take a trip into darkness. Abstracter’s gloriously apocalyptic sound is that of bleak nightmares given hideous form. Merging together blackened doom, noise, crust, and dark ambient into 41 minutes of malignant foulness, Abominion captures the soul and torments it endlessly.

Abstracter’s world is a hostile and intimidating one. This is music that’s without hope or reprieve. The grim nihilistic vistas and oppressive atmospheres that the band create so well are ripe with violent menace. The terrifyingly atmospheric and the brutally devastating both get airtime across Abominion. Abstracter have birthed a monster that is just as effective at creating fear and terror via malevolent mood as it is at wreaking raw aggressive destruction.

These crushing new songs are suffocating in their intensity and limitless in their cruelty of intent. They seem less like they have been written, and more like the end product of countless harrowing trials and misanthropic rituals. Showcasing all of the talents that the band have cultivated over the last decade, Abominion is the apocalyptic apex of their journey so far.

Abstracter’s nightmarish vision is upon us once more. Embrace entropy and the end of everything, as Abominion claws you into the void.

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