A Pale Horse Named Death – Infernum in Terra (Review)

A Pale Horse Named Death - Infernum in TerraThis is the fourth album from A Pale Horse Named Death, a Gothic/doom metal band from the US.

Featuring the ex-drummer of both Type O Negative and Life of Agony, we last caught up with A Pale Horse Named Death on 2019’s When the World Becomes Undone, which I enjoyed at the time, but ultimately didn’t live up to the promise of the band’s first two records. Infernum in Terra is here to rectify that.

If you’re in the market for a gloomy mix of Type O Negative, My Dying Bride, Alice in Chains, and Paradise Lost, then Infernum in Terra is definitely one for you.

Infernum in Terra contains 55 minutes of new material, and shows the band at their best. Their doom-drenched metallic style is intact and well, although the band have shown some progression from their usual themes and artwork. Musically we’re in for a high quality version of the band’s sound; you can hear the extra time and care that has gone into the songs, and there’s a few different ideas here and there that enhance what they’re doing.

The songs are well-written and have plenty of hooks and dark melodies to ensnare the listener. The band’s emotive delivery is richly dark, slow and miserable, and the songs are weighty in more ways than one. The composition, structuring, dynamics, and arrangement of the songs seems more thoughtful than those of the previous album; there’s more depth and longevity here, more emotive vocal lines, bleak riffs, and forlorn melodies to get lost in.

Well well. I was hoping this would be good, but it’s better than I expected. Infernum in Terra is arguably the best A Pale Horse Named Death release since their stunning debut album, which I loved. There’s a lot of dark and gloomy music on Infernum in Terra to enjoy, so I suggest you turn out the lights and get lost in its depths.

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