A Pale Horse Named Death – When the World Becomes Undone (Review)

A Pale Horse Named Death - When The World Becomes UndoneThis is the third album from A Pale Horse Named Death, a Gothic/doom metal band from the US.

Featuring the ex-drummer of both Type O Negative and Life of Agony, When the World Becomes Undone is the band’s latest release after a long wait; their second album came out in 2013.

Boasting 62 minutes of music, A Pale Horse Named Death deal in songs that are largely downbeat, mournful, filled with gorgeously dark melodies, and consumed by apocalyptic moods. All of this is condensed into accessible packages that slip into the mind easily, and remain there by virtue of delicate hooks and catchy memorability. The songs are written with these latter aspects firmly emphasised. When the World Becomes Undone is instantly satisfying, yet repeat spins reveal an album of depth and colour waiting to be discovered.

I like that the band’s guitars are nicely heavy, and there are plenty of good riffs lurking in the gloom of this release. Couple that with the singer’s frequently sublime vocals, and you have music that juxtaposes darkness and woe, with beauty and light. Taken together, A Pale Horse Named Death’s apocalyptic music is hypnotically enticing and exceedingly moreish.

A strong third release for this band then. If you like your music mournful and slow, with meaty guitars, Gothic keyboards, and emotive clean singing, then When the World Becomes Undone is an album you need to give a listen to.

Very highly recommended.

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