Ryghär – Thurmecia Eternal (Review)

Ryghär - Thurmecia EternalRyghär are an epic heavy metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

Here we have Ryghär, an epic heavy metal band that have come marching out of the underground with confidence and strength. Armed and armoured, this brotherhood quests for the cause of True Metal, and on Thurmecia Eternal they have conjured into being 39 minutes of molten metallic material.

These are songs crafted from pure iron by skilled tradesmen. Styled in the classic way, the songs fight with sword and axe to bring us quality hymns of metallic might. Well-equipped with headbanging riffs, squealing solos, and anthemic choruses, Thurmecia Eternal is everything you would expect an album like this to be, and it does not disappoint. Thurmecia Eternal does a really good job of telling a story and taking the listener on a journey into epic worlds of far away adventuring.

There’s plenty to enjoy on this release, and this album is a really fun and rewarding listen. The band have an ear for a good riff and know how to pen a good tune. There’s instant-appeal catchiness here, but also a certain level of substance and emotive character and depth that all aids in the music’s longevity. I like the keyboard enhancements that really add atmosphere, and I absolutely love some of the crazy guitar solos; their lead guitarist can really shred.

With well-written songs and plenty of underground passion, Thurmecia Eternal has found a new recruit in yours truly. Ryghär fly the flag for true metal high and clear, and it would be foolish not to flock to their banner in response. If you’re an adherent of classic heavy metal then there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy this slab of metallic might.

Heed the call. Ryghär expect your sword to be with them. Mine is. Is yours?

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