Teitan – Vákuum (Review)

Teitan - VákuumTeitan is a one-man black metal band from the Netherlands and this is his latest EP.

Vákuum contains 22 minutes of avant-garde black metal that’s played with skill and charisma.

This is atypical black metal that reminds me of the more experimental edges of the late 90s and early 00s black metal scenes. When bands like Dødheimsgard, Ulver, Arcturus, and the like were pushing the boundaries of black metal; this is the sort of area that the artist behind Teitan works in.

These songs combine blackened aggression with avant-garde detailing, resulting in tracks that should satisfy fans of both the unusual and the common. The songs are rich in scope and musical depth, offering an experience that transcends their underground nature. The music is well-written and effectively realised, and the artist is adept at using emotive tools to achieve his aims. A good combination of stylistic choices is made, delivering songs that have staying power and substance.

All of the songs are good, but I think Je Vois la Fin might be my favourite. It’s a strong example of the sort of material that the artist handles so well, but to be honest you could equally say that about most of the tracks here, (Description of the Passing is the weakest cut, essentially because it’s just an extended outro).

Vákuum is a very enjoyable and satisfying EP. If you like your black metal a bit more varied and diverse, but to still have bite, then make sure that you check out what Teitan offers.

Highly recommended.

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