Aethyrick – Apotheosis (Review)

Aethyrick - ApotheosisThis is the third album from Finnish black metallers Aethyrick.

Well, I wasn’t expecting a new Aethyrick album so soon. Gnosis only came out less than a year ago, (Jan 24, 2020), and Apotheosis will come out on Jan 22, 2021 – it seems there’s been little rest for Aethyrick. Still, as a fan of the band’s work, (also check out 2018’s Praxis), I’m not complaining.

Apotheosis is the longest Aethyrick album so far, clocking in at around 42 minutes. With one less track than the previous two albums too, it means that the average song length has increased. What does this mean for the music? The songs on Apotheosis are essentially of the same style as those on Gnosis, but with an increased amount of atmospheric components.

If you’re unfamiliar with Aethyrick, then you should expect fiery black metal based on the second wave template, but played with the band’s own flavourings. Enriched with melodic colours and layered with tasteful synths, Apotheosis is an expressive and engaging display of aggressive black metal, played with atmosphere and skill. The passionately-delivered songs are well-written, and demonstrate just why I rate Aethyrick as highly as I do. The band strike a very memorable balance between emotive atmosphere and compelling aggression, crafting songs that stand above those of many similar acts.

As mentioned above, the band’s new album sees their atmospheric tendencies come further to the fore. Continuing the mood-driven atmospheric developments that were so well-received by yours truly on Gnosis, Apotheosis builds on these and makes them stronger than ever.

Essentially Aethyrick play a classic blackened style that may ultimately be familiar sounding, but it just works for someone like me. Imbued with the band’s own personality, and delivered with high quality songwriting and performances, there’s precious little to dislike here if you’re a fan of this style of music.

Very highly recommended.

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