Bleeding Out – Lifelong Death Fantasy (Review)

Bleeding Out - Lifelong Death FantasyBleeding Out are a Canadian deathgrind band and this is their debut album.

I like a bit of deathgrind, as it tends to be a melting pot of extremity that can sometimes have very engaging results, as it does with Lifelong Death Fantasy. Combining vicious grindcore with violent hardcore and old-school death metal, Bleeding Out have produced 18 minutes of heavy music that causes you to sit up and take notice.

The various elements that the band smash together make for a compelling album that showcases a few different facets of extreme music. There’s more variety in these eight tracks than a lot of other deathgrind bands manage. Sheer brutality and ferocious aggression are a given for this sort of thing, and Bleeding Out provide plenty of this to lap up. Alongside this are punkier displays of energetic mayhem, and even the occasional burst of melody or macabre atmosphere. When they slow down, it’s the older, sicker depths of death metal that the band plumb, dredging up some hideous deathly riffs that make you want to move and never stop. The songwriting is strong, tying this together into short songs that provide a lot of meaty substance for such a brief release.

Finally Dead Once More opens the album in surprisingly melodic fashion, before the title track kicks you in the head. Realm of Silence makes sure you stay down when you try to get up. Nightmares Forged in Blood is exceptionally atmospheric, to the point that the subsequent caveman stomp of Choose Your Own Extinction is a great way to work up the blood pressure once more, crashing around the room as you flail around to it, (not that I did this, honest). The album ends with Mechanized Decomposition, which is massively heavy and crushing.

Lifelong Death Fantasy is a very enjoyable album, with a lot to offer fans of grinding death metal. Very highly recommended.

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