Infera Bruo – Rites of the Nameless (Review)

Infera Bruo - Rites of the NamelessThis is the fourth album from progressive black metal band Infera Bruo.

Here we have a modern progressive blend of black metal, played with furious passion and experienced skill. Infera Bruo know how to write this style, and Rites of the Nameless contains 41 minutes of thoroughly enjoyable music.

Rites of the Nameless is well-written and performed with no small amount of talent. Although rooted in the classic blackened sound, Infera Bruo’s music is a modern take on it that doesn’t restrict itself to the second wave. These songs are well-structured to hold attention, and display a range of good ideas across the songs, such as the use of clean singing here, or a chord progression there.

Honestly, I just can’t get enough of this sort of thing. Blistering aggression? There’s more than enough of that here. Emotive atmosphere? Rites of the Nameless has atmosphere and mood-driven songwriting in abundance. Enticing melodies? Yep; well-used, but not ostentatious. Progressive depth? It has that too, with plenty of light and shade.

I was hoping for something good from this band and I haven’t been disappointed. Rites of the Nameless is a very strong album, and I greatly recommend it to black metal fans everywhere.

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